Homemade Beauty Tips for Radiant, Glowing Skin


homemade beauty tips for glowing skin

Guaranteed: The most beautifying homemade soaks and scrubs that are sure to leave you radiant and glowing.

To Eliminate Redness: Soak in an oat-cinnamon bath.

To do: In a food processor, combine 1 cup of rolled oats, ½ cup of baking soda (to soften the water), ½ tsp of ground cinnamon and 1 Tbs. of vanilla extract until the mixture reaches the consistency of flour.

Sprinkle it into a warm bath, then get in and enjoy. Oats’ vitamin E, amino acids and silica alleviate irritation, while cinnamon’s cinnamaldehyde functions as an antioxidant, antiseptic and antifungal to prevent rashes and infection.

The cherry on top: Research reveals that the sweet scent of vanilla causes the brain to release the neurochemical serotonin, which boosts mood and suppresses appetite.

To Feel Baby-smooth: Pamper yourself with a tropical treat.

To do: Just slice ¼ of a fresh pineapple into 3” – or 4” – wide strips (which should be enough to cover the entire body, so you can snack on the rest). Then sprinkle the soft pulpy side of the strips with coarse salt or sugar. Next, stand in the tub and gently scrub your skin, including rough spots like knees and elbows, just as you would with a sponge or loofah. Wait two minutes, then rinse well.

Fresh pineapple contains an active enzyme called bromelain, which acts as a natural exfoliator to leave skin smooth. Plus, the fruit smells amazing.

To get Glowing: Try a coffee scrub.

To do: In a medium-size jar, combine 1 cup of ground coffee, ½ cup of brown sugar, ½ cup of sea salt and ½ cup of almond oil. The mixture can be stored for up to four weeks. In the shower, wet skin and use a circular motion to massage the mixture into cellulite-prone areas for at least 5 minutes.

The caffeine in the coffee grounds stimulates blood flow to help flush cellulite-causing toxins, while the brown sugar and sea salt whisk away dulling dead skin cells. And almond oil’s fatty oleic acid seeps deep into the dermis for extra smoothing and hydration.

To obtain the fastest results, wrap thighs in plastic wrap after applying the scrub. Leave on for 10 minutes, then rinse and moisturize as usual. The wrap will hold in body heat, helping the active ingredients better penetrate the skin.

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