Get a Smoother Skin: A Velvety Skin All Over


smoother skin

Get a smoother velvety skin with a simple three-step skin-pampering plan.

Several things characterize a velvety skin, it appears soft, smooth and even-toned, and it seems to glow with sun-kissed radiance day and night, year-round.

And best of all, promises dermatologist Kenneth Beer, M.D., smoother velvety skin can be achieved with an easy 3-step skin-pampering plan.

First, even out skin tone by applying a cleanser or lotion containing glycolic acid or lactic acid once a day for three days. This helps prime skin for step two: exfoliation.

Step into the shower and dampen skin with warm water, then massage the body, using a circular motion from the bottom of your feet up to your neck, with a generous helping of a self-heating body scrub, like philosophy pure grace hot salt rub and shower scrub.

The combination of the massaging action and the warmth of the water and heating scrub will dilate blood vessels, boost circulation and improve skin's light reflection. "That's the key to glowing skin", says Dr. Beer.

As a finishing touch, apply a gradual self-tanner like Nivea Sun-Kissed Beautiful Legs, every other day to help even out any skin imperfections and achieve that smoother velvety bronze skin that never fades.

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